The dashing son of actor Eddie Gutierrez is now a father. Richard Gutierrez has finally put an end to this never ending speculation in Philippine Showbiz once and for all. Uniquely, the name of the luckiest child in the world today is Zion. In the recent years, the beautiful and sexy girlfriend of the young Gutierrez Sarah Lahbati has been rumored that she left the country to study in Switzerland.

Filipino actor and TV host Richard Gutierrez is now a dad.

Filipino actor and TV host Richard Gutierrez is now a dad.

Richard Gutierrez has said that the main reason why they had not divulged this sensational issue to the public was all because of this.

The main reason why we didn’t want to announce that I’m having a baby with Sarah was because we didn’t want to make Sarah’s pregnancy a tabloid circus. We get to share baby Zion with everyone in our own terms.

Along this line, they were both afraid of their respective parents when the issue first leaked in the local movie press. But now, Richard Gutierrez is at the top of the world with baby Zion in his fruitful lifetime.

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