Richard Gutierrez Shares Zion’s Photos

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Richard Gutierrez has finally shared the best thing that ever happened to his life right now. This is no other than but the adorable photos of his son Zion with actress Sarah Lahbati. Also, the loving couple has gladly shared their most unforgettable experiences in taking care of their one and only child. Incidentally, these cute photos were excitedly posted in their respective Instagram accounts.

Richard Gutierrez has already divulged the most treasured secret of his life.

Richard Gutierrez has already divulged the most treasured secret of his life.

According to first time father Richard Gutierrez, it was really too difficult for him to take care of baby Zion when they were in Switzerland because there were no nannies who were readily available to do the job. He said.

In Geneva, nobody would help us. There was no household help, it was just me and Sarah. We were alternating because baby Zion would wake up in the middle of the night, I will change his diapers, I will make his milk, and Sarah would sleep. During the daytime, I would sleep, and Sarah would take care of baby Zion.

But, the most challenging part of his exciting stage of fatherhood was how to bring Zion to the Philippines. It was due to the fact, that both of their families have to adjust to the situation. Did you know how this luckiest baby on earth was able to see his second country? He traveled with his grandmother Esther. Luckily, they were not queried by Immigration officials since they have the same surnames. But, she had to put a blanket on his stroller. Then, both Eddie and Annabelle Gutierrez eagerly awaited for Zion’s homecoming. It was just a few steps away from the arrival area.

It is really something that’s immeasurable when the most fulfilling stage of parenthood has suddenly knocked at a person’s once private existence. Nevertheless, Richard Gutierrez is more than man enough to face his new responsibilities as a loving father to Zion and Sarah.

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