Actor and product endorser Richard Yap does not give much attention to those people and online bashers who have negatively commented about the supposed slow pacing of their phenomenal daytime show, Be Careful with My Heart. According this gorgeous-looking Chinese mestizo from Cebu, what matters a lot to the whole cast of their top-rating show is that it makes lots of people happy from the very day that it was aired on television. As they say, you cannot please everybody, right? In the recent episodes of Be Careful with My Heart, Maya and Sir Chief are now so much engrossed in rearing their children after Maya had already given birth to add more joy and contentment to their blissful family life. Despite of these issues, there seems to be no reason at all as to why Be Careful should not be watched or followed just like before.

Actor Richard Yap does not mind online bashers of daytime show.

Actor Richard Yap does not mind online bashers of daytime show.

In retrospect, Richard Yap has given his daytime show the best of both worlds as far as his portrayals are concerned. He has effectively depicted that an ideal family life is never impossible to achieve no matter how a career -oriented man is very much busy with his tedious job. Likewise, the plot of Be Careful with My Heart continues to inspire millions that nobody is an exception when it comes to the fulfillment of one’s dreams in life. On the issue of having a slow pacing, there seems to be a valid reason behind it. Nevertheless, millions of its viewers are still addicted to the cute and worth-emulating love story of Maya and Sir Chief. Primarily, they have both exhibited what it takes to be an ideal couple to each and every viewer who cannot seem to get enough of this family oriented show from the very beginning.

Going back to Richard Yap, his attitude towards this negative criticisms about Be Careful with My Heart, is something that can be described as a true measure of artistic excellence. Indeed, he is one of the best actors in local showbiz who really knows what it takes to be successful in a field that he loves best.

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