The Philippines’ national pride in terms of its unwavering patriotism and selfless democratic ideals has always been the subject of those brilliant leaders and prominent academicians in the country for so many reasons with utmost rationality. He is an outrageous orator, a kind-hearted physician and one of the most admired figures in the fight against all out corruption and political oppression. Therefore, there are so many tourist attractions which have been remarkably built in his humble honor and his inexpressible wisdom. One of the most famous and historic places is beautifully found in Dumaguete City, which is notably alluded to as the serene and verbosity-filled Rizal Boulevard. As its official name connotes, it was proudly named after the national hero of the Philippines, Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal.

Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete City.

Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete City.

Accordingly, it has been said that this artistic and religious apostle of freedom and democracy has once been in the beauteous City of Dumaguete in his colorful and melodramatic life and times. Captivatingly, the heroic envisage of Rizal Boulevard is just a short stretch away from the spacious port of Dumaguete. In this relaxing tourist spot, there you will see those towering trees that are being described as wonderful and stately in the real sense of the word.

Encapsulating the mystic atmosphere of this ravishing place of interests are different hotels which have eternally depicted the unsurpassed hospitality of those self-reliant and God-fearing people of Dumaguete. Among these finest hotels which add exquisiteness to Rizal Boulevard are the following: The grandiose Betel Guesthouse, a sky scraping La Residencia Almar and so much more to brag about. As part of the province’s quest for its continuing evolution of a dynamic and versatile Philippine Tourism, there are also countless restaurants within the boulevard that are generously serving those mouthwatering cuisines which are deliciously filled with the rich heritage of the Spanish Era up to the present.

Now, to further boost its economic preponderance,there are strategically located business establishments within it. To date, it has the Globe Telecom, Bank of Commerce and the premiere Development Bank of the Philippines. Upon their economically nurturing birth through the years, the ever-evolving ambiance of Boulevard de Rizal is never the same again. Geographically, there are four major streets which easily act as conduits to the phenomenal boulevard of the mesmerizing Philippine archipelago. These are randomly enumerated as the street of Perdices, Silliman Avenue and Santa Catalina Street. Currently, these prominent thoroughfares have also been utilized as business districts as well. In fact, there are goal oriented entrepreneurs who have made it a point to tremendously turn the economic arena of Dumaguete into a transcending metamorphosis of impressive financial stability.

Unbelievably, Rizal’s Boulevard in Dumaguete City is said to be free from traffic congestion day in and day out. However, if there are jovial festivals to celebrate it is most likely understandable that traffic will be at hand. During its people’s lazy afternoon spree, they are mostly spending these precious and memorable moments in those cafes and restaurant joints which are purposely meant to enticingly provide the best of both worlds while they are in the loving and tender embrace of this very opulent tourist hub in the heart and soul of Dumaguete City. Best of this particular boulevard of colossal expeditions has the most beautiful sunrise to start your day perfectly right. Overall, Dumaguete’s Boulevard is one solid proof that the Philippines’ icon of sovereignty is a well-traveled man by heart.

To wrap up, tourists’ attractions in the Philippines are not just monuments of immeasurable greatness. These can also be distinctively revered as the endless routes of progress and development that can never be defined by any word that you might ever think of.

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