Robin Padilla Reveals: Mariel will Have a Baby Soon

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Showbiz couple Robin Padilla and his wife Mariel has shared their happy domestic life with a leading showbiz portal just recently. According to Robin, they are earnestly desiring for a child of their own when Mariel reaches the age of 32. But for now, the Bad Boy of Philippine Showbiz is her one and baby. Mariel said that they have not finalized the plan yet because she will only be thirty years old this month.

Showbiz couple Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez will soon have a baby.

Showbiz couple Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez will soon have a baby.

Robin further added that they will be targeting the said time frame so as not to affect his virility sometime in the not so distant future. Although they are both busy with their hosting stints in the amazing talent search, Talented Filipinos they still have the time for each other. On the lighter side of their family life, Mariel has seriously assumed the active and loving role of a doting housewife. It waa due to the fact that it was a fervent dream of hers since then. As such, Padilla shares that her wife is very much meticulous in terms of the food that she prepares for her husband. At home, she usually prepares the organic types of food for Robin.

Above anything else, she makes it a point to prepare those dishes that perfectly go in harmony with the way Robin feel when he does not feel well. However, they still follow their particular food cravings at home. Speaking of how they really love one another, Padilla says that he cannot imagine his life without his wife. Funny as it may seem, but whenever has a job he will bring along his fully made up lunch kit with him. On the contrary, Padilla says that he is always serious in connection in giving a much deserved compliment about those dishes that Mariel whips for him.

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