Robin Williams’ Graphic Details of Death to be Released?

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A famous celebrity’s privacy is nowhere to be found, the moment he or she dies. This is the current twist behind the gruesome death of comedian and actor Robin Williams. Police authorities from Marin County, particularly the Sheriff’s Office which is headed by Lt. Keith Boyd has said that his honorable office will soon release the graphic details of William’s death no matter how disturbing these were. According to Boyd, this move was for the sake of public knowledge because they have the right to know most specially his millions of fans who were still eager for other developments surrounding his untimely demise.

Should Robin Williams death photos be released?

Should Robin Williams death photos be released?

Most importantly, under the strict provisions of California laws if the person who died is a public figure, the intimate details of his or her life must be publicly disclosed. Along this juncture, the Sheriff’s Office in Marin County had an emergency press conference a few days after his tragic death. Based on police reports, he died of asphyxia by committing suicide due to depression. He used a belt to allegedly hang himself in a separate room. Likewise, a pocket knife was found where the said suicide happened.

Despite of his unparalleled popularity, Robin Williams was a lonely soul within him. But whenever we see him perform, we totally see a different personification of who he really was. The controversial debate on whether or not to publicly show the actual graphical images of his death is a sensitive issue to deal with. Again, the right to privacy matters a lot. On the contrary, if its lawful to do so who are we to question the said decision? Let us all hope that it won’t be abused in any way because the death of someone is one of the most bitter moments and difficult stages that we have to positively overcome.

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