The dashing romantic actor and former teen heartthrob Rocco Nacino has finally confirmed the real score about his love life when he had a one-one-interview with Lolit Solis, a TV talk show host and a talent manager to some of the famous celebrities in local showbiz. Based on that short chit-chat with the debonair Nacino, he sweetly disclosed that Lovi and he were officially together after their unforgettable sojourn in Paris. In fact, Rocco surprised his lady love while they were having their most intimate moments at the splendid Eiffel Tower. At that very moment, both Lovi and Rocco knew how it felt to love and be loved without reservations.

Former heartthrob Rocco Nacino admits his relationship with Lovi Poe.

Former heartthrob Rocco Nacino admits his relationship with Lovi Poe.

Previously, these sweet and inseparable lovers had denied their brewing relationship because Poe was not yet ready to make it as a public knowledge. But now, their blessed and blissful lives have different stories to tell. They are much happier now as compared to those times that they were both evasive on their official status as far as their hearts are concerned. Meanwhile, when Rocco was asked about if the soft-spoken and elegant Poe would be the future Mrs. Rocco Nacino, He says that it is too early to tell. As of the moment, they are very much focused on their respective career paths. Best of all, Nacino said that they are mutually supporting each other in every endeavor that they wish to undertake in the not so distant future.

More so, Rocco lovingly thanked Lovi for all the good times that they have memorably shared together from the very beginning. Also, the extremely endearing Nacino has said that she loves Lovi with all his heart. He further added that he remained clueless as to the reasons why her current girlfriend had been attracted to him. However, he is extremely proud that Lovi was the one that God has given him so unexpectedly. Who is the real Rocco Nacino off cam? Well, let us get to know him in brief.

Rocco Nacino is a registered nurse, prior to his competitive stint in the fifth season of Star Struck, a local talent search via GMA-7. Due to his inherent talents, he was unanimously adjudged as . From that very day, life was never the same again for this most admirable actor in Philippine Showbiz today.

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