The music scene of Philippine Entertainment has once again given its best shot after the catapulting and phenomenal success of the Rock and Soul Concert featuring Pilipinas Got Talent Winner Jovit Baldovino and Soul Master, Thor Dulay at the Music Museum. In retrospect, these two artists did not wear those flashy costumes onstage. But, all they have in their possession were their God given talents of powerful singing voices which were still harmonious and angelic the moment you hear them with their finest attributes to brag about. Generally, it was an awe-inspiring back-to-back concert which must have a much provocative encore in the next few months.

The Rock and Soul Concert of Jovit Baldovino and Thor Dulay is outrageously worth watching.

The Rock and Soul Concert of Jovit Baldovino and Thor Dulay must have an encore.

During the Rock and Soul concert last May 17, 2014, endless applauses and deafening cheers from eager spectators had warmly welcomed these two versatile performers. The singers’ opening salvo were their very own flawless rendition of the songs Faithfully and I Have Nothing respectively. Of course, Baldovino sang Too Much Love Will Kill You with so much emotion because it was his winning piece when he bagged the top prize in a local singing search, Pilipinas Got Talent.

As far as Thor Dulay is concerned, he amazed their hundreds of thousands of fans with a Stevie Wonder original, Lately and another one from Perry Sledge which is entitled, When A Man Loves A Woman. Finally, their last song for the night was Stevie Wonder’s Superstition. Watch this Rock and Soul Concert video and see how outrageous this musical extravaganza was.

Truly, the unforgettable stage chemistry of Jovit Baldovino and Thor Dulay in their Rock and Soul Concert is one solid proof that Filipino talents are undeniably world-class icons of Philippine Visual Arts.

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