The inexpressible world of aesthetics sometimes do not reflect or speak any advantage at all. This was the hardest lesson for a man with horn implants and 400 piercings. His name is Rolf Buchholz. He is from Germany and was scheduled to perform in a Dubai nightclub when he was not allowed to enter the said country because of his weird and terrifying looks. He told the Associated Press that his passport was stamped by immigration officials there, but he was preempted before making a custom’s exit.

Rolf Buchholz, the most pierced man in the world was preempted from entering Dubai.

Rolf Buchholz, the most pierced man in the world was preempted from entering Dubai.

From there, he was confined in a room alongside with other deportees. On the part of airport officials, they have further reiterated that it was all because of security reasons. As far as Rolf Buchholz is concerned, he was vividly described by Guinness Book of World Records as a man with 453 piercings. Due to his absurd looks he was wrongly accused of being a black magic practitioner. However,he is not just an ordinary human being. Buchholz is an certified IT professional from Dortmund, Germany. Due to that very embarrassing moment, he said that he will never ever comeback in Dubai again. In the final analysis of this news story, one important lesson has been learned. We must not be judgmental about a person. Perhaps, those strange piercings are dynamically functional because of the mere fact that he is a famous entertainer.

More so, Rolf Buchholz might have personal reasons of his own behind those piercings. Psychologically, there are people who are gladly getting their personal satisfaction by changing their appearances although they are aware of the fact that a given society will never understand them at all. Indeed, Rolf has every reason to feel bad against Dubai’s airport officials.

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