God never forsakes a repenting sinner. He loves each one of us unconditionally most specially in those times that we are tempted by our own weak flesh and volition to do something that is against His Holy Will and Divine Plan. To get into the bottom line of this very inspiring truth, let this humble website of ours share with you the life and times of a matinee idol who became so desperate and poor just like a rat. He is no other than but Filipino actor and hunk Romano Vasquez. Vasquez is a former teen heartthrob and was a regular mainstay of a teen-oriented show, That’s Entertainment. During his heydays, blessings from Above never stopped from pouring in. But, he was not able to handle it wisely.

Former matinee idol Romeo Vasquez was able to bounce back by God's grace.

Former matinee idol Romeo Vasquez was able to bounce back by God’s grace.

As a result, Romano Vasquez was forced to do some sexy roles during the late ’90’s to augment everything in the first place. When Vasquez had the chance to go abroad, he did not waste any time to provide him-self with a comfortable life. There, the gorgeous actor became a male host. In a span of six months, he earned a decent income of Php 30,000 in just a single night. Prior to his return to the Philippines, he had a whooping fortune of Php 1.5 million. With this huge amount, he had earnestly hoped that he will be able to build a dream house of his own. Most importantly, he gladly expected that the glare and glamour of local showbiz will welcome him again with open arms. Unfortunately, it was entirely the reverse. There were lots of new and freshest faces in the industry which made his streak of luck to be slim and bleak at the same time. This has made him to become insecure and helpless. It was totally the other side of Romano Vasquez.

Romano has spent his millions uncontrollably. Without a career to fall back on, he was compelled to pawn his one and only treasure which was an old stereo component in exchange for a temporary shelter. Although he found one, this was the beginning of his lifelong struggle with drugs. He stayed in a drug pusher’s house as he slept under a table. Emotionally, he hungered for true love and acceptance. He thought that he was going to have a sense of fulfillment in the company of other people. But, he was completely wrong.

From that point in his life, he had come to realize that the people around you will treat you so differently because you are NOTHING. He became a wanderer from one street to another to seek for a temporary shelter. Soon after, a miracle changed his shattered life. A Good Samaritan was sent by God to help Vasquez to start a new life. Her name is Lina Gacula. As he finds a real family in that happy household, he was made to do some odd jobs like masonry, an electrician and a construction worker among others. But his addiction to drugs has broken the harmonious ties with his surrogate family. Since he had nowhere to go, he immediately contacted his father. Also, his aunt gave him another chance to mend his life.

In 2001, Romano Vasquez met his future wife named Alma. They accidentally met in a bar somewhere in Manila. Alma offered him a job. After a few more years, the sweet and passionate call of love have found its way for both Romano and Alma. Then, they became a happy family with their only daughter Sky. Currently, he is connected to a multi-level firm. He is a motivational speaker who never fails to share how God changed his life now and forever.

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