Rory Quintos Lauds Mark Gil’s Professionalism

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Award-winning director Rory Quintos has openly expressed her deepest admiration for the late actor Mark Gil because of his incomparable love and high regard for his craft for more than three decades. Director Quintos says that Mark Gil has always shown his willingness to shoot and take part in the phenomenal teleserye, The Legal Wife, despite of the bitter reality that he had been diagnosed of liver cancer sometime in June 2012. Prior to the initial telecast of these very inspiring drama series, they had a meeting with Gil and she said that he was very much fine to take on his most challenging role ever in his entire career as a versatile Filipino actor. Quintos further added that, they cleared that with him, and he said that he was in remission and that he really, really wanted to do the project.

Mark Gil was very professional despite of being terminally ill.

Mark Gil was very professional despite of being terminally ill.

According to this mega director, Mark Gil has even managed the stresses which had coincided with the unpredictable demands of Philippine Showbiz. Quintos vividly recalled that Mark assured her that he can give justice to his character against all odds. According to Rory, Mark was fine during the first few months of their top rating television series. However, in the last few episodes of The Legal Wife, a different Mark Gil was with them. Descriptively, he looked too weak and thin. In essence, she said that Mark was a good actor whose dedication to his craft was really something that he can be forever proud of. On the set, he was very humble humble and nice to his co-workers. To date, Quintos also reminisced

He was nice to talk to. If there’s one thing that I appreciated in him, it was his honesty. He was very honest

In these times of challenges and uncertainties with respect to the issue of TV ratings, Mark Gil will be sorely sorely missed by those people who are after the talents of their actors and actresses and and not for anything else.

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