The greatest feat of mankind is reaching far beyond what he sees right before his naked eyes. In a wide array of trending news today, the Rosetta Comet landing had created its own global and historic milestone by safely touching the delicate surface of a comet. This has become a fruitful reality, after almost a decade of hard work and one sleepless night which entailed a kind of brilliance that no one ever dared to surpass nor comprehend. Its timeless and unforgettable kiss on a Rosetta comet was courageously done by nonetheless the Philae lander.

The Rosetta Comet Landing has marvelously proven that man's ingenuity knows no bounds.

The Rosetta Comet Landing has marvelously proven that man’s ingenuity knows no bounds.

As far as this was concerned, it had successfully accomplished a 300 million miles away attempt from the blazing power of the Rosetta Comet itself. Meanwhile, the exact time of its unprecedented landing was at 11:03 in the morning, Eastern Time. After which, Philae is scheduled to send a major and interesting scientific data in order for these scientists to evaluate the strategic positioning of the spaceship on a glimmering Rosetta Comet. In review, the goal driven men and women inside the European Space Agency were engulfed with tensions and anxieties before and during the actual touchdown itself. Here’s how it all transpired. First and foremost, Rosetta was so far from our Mother Planet. In effect, there were some sort of a communications delay for about 28 minutes. So,there were endless speculations that Philae could have succeeded or failed with its latest endeavor ever to hit the solar system for this year.

In lieu of this, millions of people who are watching on a live streaming broadcast were all waiting for the moment of truth to unfold. But God is truly gracious to Philae. Just a few minutes after 11:00 A.M, a gloomy day was drastically changed with inexpressible joy and gratefulness as Philae proved to the entire world and humanity that any surface of external realms can be patiently reached through the earnest help of Divine wisdom; and those accurate scientific calculations without a shadow of doubt. In other developments, perhaps you are wondering how a comet looks like. Descriptively, it contains some components that are commonly found in the solar system. This was according to the scientific findings of Kathrin Altwegg from the Bern University of Switzerland. Thus, she said.

It’s like doing archaeology, but instead of going back 1,000 years, we can go back 4.6 billion.

Although it’s not an easy mission to deal with, the no retreat, no surrender attitude of Philae and those genius minds behind it had surprisingly stunned the whole world with such a long and winding journey that can be vividly retold all over again. Long live Philae! Indeed, the Rosetta Comet landing is no longer an elusive dream to ponder about.

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