Human ingenuity is exceptionally indispensable. It is one of the highest elements of man’s perfection which can never be replicated even for thousands of years. Have you ever wondered that an amazing royal castle can be made by the artistic use of those tiny and tasty sugar cubes? This remarkable work of art is courtesy of the world-renowned Sugar Metropolis. Incidentally, this awesome and astounding design project of theirs will be made possible through the laborious and painstaking efforts of 5,000 people. Unbelievably, the marvelous royal castle will consume a total of 500,000 sugar cubes just to make sure that everything is flawlessly executed till the very last piece of sugar cube is carefully attached.

World famous sculptors from Ireland and England, were commissioned to build a towering sugar cube castle for Sugar Metropolis.

World famous sculptors from Ireland and England, were commissioned to build a towering sugar cube castle for Sugar Metropolis.

During the initial phase of this every magnificent design project of the snowy white and attractive sugar-made royal castle, the Metropolis has commissioned brilliant sculptors from England and Ireland in the persons of Mark Revels and Brendan Jamison respectively. As a brief overview of his impressive profile, Jamison is indeed a notable artisan when it comes to a kind of an architectural craftsmanship made out of those delectable sugar cubes. Among his unforgettable masterpieces were proudly displayed inside the house of the most distinguished British prime minister.

In a candid one-on-one interview with BBC Radio, he has openly admitted that the main reason as to why he is fond of employing sugar cubes in all of his extraordinary creations including a royal castle, this what he has to say. “It offers a multi-sensory experience, so the viewer doesn’t just actually see the sculpture,” he said. “They can imagine the taste of the sugar dissolving on their tongues.”

Accordingly, Jamison and his equally-brilliant design project collaborator are both planning to bring their sugar cube royal castle to the United States. As a result, the sugar cube royal castle would eventually be a spectacular center of attention at the Sugar District of Harlem. Overall, the sugar-coated royal castle aims to benefit the true essence of community cooperation among the active and industrious residents of Harlem. In support of this noble endeavor of his, the grateful people of Harlem have heartwarmingly sent this simple message to these skillful innovators of our time. It says, “Sugar Metropolis can act as a catalyst to ignite the imagination of everyone in the local neighborhood.”

Currently, this mesmerizing royal castle from sugar cubes needs some kindhearted benefactors to be able to buy other supplies and necessities to finally complete this sweet royal castle as soon as possible, as soon as it starts to be creatively made this coming June.


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