Super model and Filipina actress, Ruffa Gutierrez is not getting any younger. But, her fancy and interests in younger guys never falter. According to her,

I always fall in love with someone younger. I think it would be different if I were to fall in love with someone older. Even my ex-husband Yilmaz is three years younger than me.

Ruffa Gutierrez says, I will not grow old alone.

Ruffa Gutierrez says, I will not grow old alone.

Apart from an engrossing and wider age gap, Ruffa says that a lasting relationship between two different must be both understanding because, she believes that

Age is just a number. It doesn’t matter.

Gutierrez asserts that age is nothing to her for as long as her future partner is equal with her in terms of nurturing treatments. With respect to matters of the heart, she is very much ready to plunge into a relationship but not with a teen. In fact, she has lots of textmates and admirers nowadays. Thus, she happily declares.

I’m officially single.

Now, who says that Ruffa Gutierrez will grow old in solitaire?

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