Russia has strongly implemented the swift imposition of a full food embargo on food from the West most particularly on those food imports from the members of the European Union. Likewise, these include the US and other Western countries. This was in connection to the Ukraine-related sanctions after a series of bombing incidents had taken place last month. According to its Prime Minister who goes by the name of Dmitry Medvedev, he said that among those food items which will be included in the ban are fresh veggies, fruits, fish, milk and other dairy products.

Russia implements a total food embargo from the US and European Union countries.

Russia implements a total food embargo from the US and European Union countries.

As this law becomes fully enforced without delays, it will also impose ban against Ukraine airlines to pass by its territories. More so, the no holds barred implementation of a full embargo on food from the West has also coincided with the banning of what are being referred to as transient airlines from the US and EU respectively. This was Russia’s fiercest response to the biased accusations of its detractors as the alleged perpetrators of what has been referred to as a brewing social unrest in Ukraine. Russia was accused of supplying military armaments to eastern Ukraine to its allied separatists. Last month, Russia has bitterly tasted its sanction from the US and EU. This came after Brussels applied some of its major restrictions to the key propellers of their economy.

Sanctions wise, the first one was extensively implemented when Russia has annexed the region of Crimea in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russian President has said that the implementation of their retaliatory sanctions particularly the full embargo on food from the West against these countries would definitely last for a year. In the final analysis, this very stern and inhumane law on the full embargo of food from the West will severely affect the food security agenda of the Russian government thereby affecting their national economy as a whole.

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