Russia might not be an allied nation for some countries. But it will join in full force a humanitarian mission along with Red Cross. The stern Communist country will be joined by the United States and European Union respectively. These countries will proceed to the province of Luhansk.

Russia's humanitarian mission in Ukraine.

Russia has momentarily forgotten its bickerings by joining a humanitarian mission in Eastern Ukraine.

The Kremlin said that it will immediately dispatch its fully-prepared convoy into the eastern parts of Ukraine where pro-Russian separatists are battling Kiev’s central government. Long before, has been wrongfully accused by eastern Ukraine of and the West of supporting those alleged rebels. As expected, this was not acknowledged by the former USSR. Going back, the humanitarian mission was spearheaded by Ukraine. In other developments, this noble and inspiring mission shall be faithfully carried out with specific conditions. One of which, was its primal requisite of crossing the Ukrainian through Kiev’s control.

In other developments, it has been reported that Russia has unquestionably agreed on the terms and conditions of the humanitarian mission although it is under the dynamic leadership of Ukraine. These welcoming thoughts about Russia has significantly proven time and again that there is no such thing as individual differences for as long as there is a need for nations to unite no matter what happens. Therefore, this country shall not be perceived as an enemy of a given nation.

Russia is constantly mindful of world peace provided that her ego will not be hurt in any way. More so, her profound bluntness concerning some relevant issues must not unfairly viewed as something that is mean in any way. Overall, this is one country in the world which is never swayed by any political color or whatsoever. In the final analysis, it has graciously exhibited the genuine essence of camaraderie and nation building.

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