The competitive world of sports is magnificently defined as the battle for supremacy and world-class prestige. Given this line of contention, the Ryder Cup is again up for another year of challenge and jubilation, just like another prestigious event. Moreover, notable sports writers and analysts have their own critical prognosis as to whom among the the top five aces of the Ryder Cup would exhibit the best game ever since this sports event had began. The best things about this once in a lifetime event is yet to come.

These prominent and agile golf players of the Ryder Cup are out there to win without fear.

These prominent and agile golf players of the Ryder Cup are out there to win without fear.

Let us take a closer look at the five prominent figures of the Ryder Cup. First, we have Rikie Fowler. He is set to be the lion of his team who is out the to unleash his fighting fury for the sake of his winning. Just before the game starts, this is what Fowler had to say.

Once the week is going, there’s a chance that, yeah, if the young guys play well, we can help build some momentum and build some confidence for the team and help some of the older guys, Furyk and Phil, get them fired up a little bit more.

Next in line is Graeme McDowell. He is one kind of player who is well-loved by Europeans. He had been in a hot duel with Hunter Mahan and eventually emerged on the other side. In response to this most crucial challenge in his career, he quipped.

I would say that back nine against Hunter Mahan in Celtic Manor, I don’t think I will ever be that tight and that nervous again in my life. It was pretty intense stuff.

Tom Watson has this kind of an image that is genially cool and yet aggressive on the playing field. He has proven much of him-self when he won four Opens and the 1993 Ryder Cup. All of those victories were historically recorded and he has nothing to say much. In other words, no other golfer can ever surpass his quickness and mental alertness to be able to achieve a magnanimous victory. Have you ever heard about a golfer whose blessed with single handedness? Well, if you have not its high time for you to meet Rory McIlroy. He is one player and aficionado of golf who has an unbeatable record of 5-0-0. At 24, he can really make both worlds meet at the golf course with just one magical move.

Last but not the least, is Mother Nature. This mysterious player of golf is always in search for a bad weather golf. Whatever that means, only those adventurous spectators would be able to know whenever they wanted some action that can drastically the life of golf forever.

Indeed, the Ryder Cup is one of the best sports event that can outrageously define what hard action is all about to attain a kind of victory that is not purely based on luck but destiny,

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