Christianity and human sanctification are the noble missions of Christ. Therefore, there are so many historical churches in the Philippines which are grandiosely built for both religious and aesthetic purposes. Look at is classic example. This is the grandiose Saint Andrew the Apostle Church, a Roman Catholic Church in Makati. It is one of the famous and modern edifices which were carefully and intricately designed by Filipino National Artist whose name is Leandro V. Locsin.

Saint Andrew the Apostle Church, Makati City.

Saint Andrew the Apostle Church

Accordingly, this exceptionally-made temple was in memory of a helpless and murdered martyr who was crucified on an X-shaped cross. In addition, this very ideal place of sanctity was given a unique floor plan. It was beautifully patterned after a butterfly. As such, millions of parishioners are truly captivated by this awesome prototype of the church. The most impressive features of this engrossing place of worship are the following: Glaring and spellbinding chandeliers, which are beautifully placed over the altar. In essence, these fixtures served as halos over the cross which was sacredly conceptualized by another well-renowned Filipino National Artist in the person of a legendary architect, Vicente Manansala. Long before it became a reality, it was a simple proposal in the year 1965. This was spearheaded by the wealthy residents of Bel-Air and San Miguel Makati City respectively. In response to their prayers, a generous business tycoon has kept his promise to support the construction as well as the final completion phase of the Saint Andrew the Apostle Church.

The kind-hearted benefactor is nonetheless Don Andres Soriano Jr. Meanwhile, his very humbling Good Samaritan act of his was inspired by his late father, Don Andres Soriano, Sr. Incidentally, both of them were the appealing namesakes of Saint Andrew, the Apostle. The planned construction of Saint Andrew’s Church was immediately approved by Rufino Cardinal Santos Finally, on the 8th day of February 1967 the momentous cornerstone of Saint Andrew the Apostle Church was laid by its youngest benefactor. Also, the Ayala’s were also one of the co- founders of this church because the 3,494 square meters lot was wholeheartedly donated by them after a few months of constant and serious negotiations with the endearing parish officials of this highly prestigious church. From then on, the undying moral and financial support of its continuously increasing followers have never ended. So, it had undergone its primal renovations in 2002.

Did you know that this is not the only most admired church in the Philippines with the same name? The shimmering Apostle Church of Saint Andrew, Makati City has another temple in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte. It was first made during the onset of the 16th century, by those blessed dedicated Augustinian friars. Unfortunately, it was destroyed several by earthquakes during the early days of the 1700’s. Characteristically, the Saint Andrew the Apostle Church in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte dearly possesses these striking highlights that many Catholic believers have never seen before.


Convincingly, this eternal architectural pride of the Ilocanos has these mesmerizing features that might suddenly awaken your dormant and soul searching personas on the very day that you will set your foot inside the classical church of Saint Andrew the Apostle Church Bacarra, Ilocos Norte. Among its best envisages of this beautiful and incredible church are: The dome-like brick kind of roofing components and a well that is made out of high-quality brick material.

The charismatic and regal Saint Andrew the Apostle Church is yet another innovative milestone to cherish in the lives of its devotees because they have been blessed with so much material wealth that they never expected. Like for example, there was a tourist who has heard about the unbelievable intercession of Saint Andrew most particularly for those people who have irresolvable financial dilemmas. Unbelievably, the ever merciful and meek Saint Andrew performed another one for the books signs and wonders when the devastated and weary Catholic won the jackpot prize in a local lottery in the Philippines. Best of all, this very admirable saint had become the sole refuge of those farmers who are praying for a good harvest for one year. Last but not the least; Saint Andrew’s intercession was gladly experienced by a seasoned Chinese businessman when he was able to bounce back from a million peso debt without any inch of difficulty. The succeeding sections of this travel article will show you how to get there with so much thrill and excitement in your hearts, because nobody knows if you are going to be Saint Andrew’s apple of his eye.

How to Get There

Saint Andrew the Apostle Church can be easily located by any means of transportation which will lead you all the way to Makati City. Some of these are jeepneys and those tricycles, which are driving across the church. They are charging a minimal fare of Php 40.00 and up.

An enthralling example of architectural brilliance like the Saint Andrew Apostle Church in Makati City, is one revealing work of art by a Filipino who has exceptionally given back his out of this world wisdom and inherent talents and ardour.

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