Technological innovation can sometimes become an unhealthy competition for those people who do not seem to know on how to regulate their gadget usage. But what if such problems would generate into another destructive repercussion as an alleged product breakage? What would ever happen to those multi-billion dollar industries in which have made our means of communication and housekeeping needs a lot better? Just recently, Samsung, one of the global leaders in mobile communications and appliance manufacturing had accused its arch rival LG Electronics of an alleged product breakage most particularly its high-end washing machines in some of their retail stores which are based in Germany. According to the official statement of Samsung, they are demanding for a swift investigation of the matter. As a result, it had sought the immediate assistance of the Central District Prosecutor’s Office.

Samsung Inc. is accusing LG Electronics of damaging their washing machines in Germany,

Samsung Inc. is accusing LG Electronics of damaging their washing machines in Germany,

Based on the direct statement that was released by Samsung, it said.

The people in question have been implicated in deliberately destroying Samsung washing machines displayed at retail stores in Berlin, Germany, where, at the time, the annual IFA electronics trade show was underway.


It is very unfortunate that Samsung had to request that a high-ranking executive be investigated by the nation’s legal authorities, but this was inevitable … the truth must be revealed for the sake of fostering fair competition.

On the other hand, LG has vehemently denied the said accusation of Samsung. To counteract this supposedly malicious claim of their accuser, LG Electronics has said that it was indeed true that they had visited some of the leading appliance stores in Germany, it is a common knowledge in this kind of a colossal industry to inspect the merchandise of their nemesis in the other parts of the world. In defense of that extremely maligning accusation of Samsung, the LG Electronics Company had said.

If our company had an intention to destroy products of a certain company to tarnish the image of the product, it would be commonsensical to not have our executives to directly carry out such acts.


We hope that this incident is not an effort to tarnish our company, which is the global No. 1 maker of washing machines.

LG had further hinted that Samsung washing machines have weak hinges. Whoever is the culprit to this very serious issue, should in turn face the consequences of their actions if proven guilty according to the rules of court.

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