Technological innovations never cease to grapple with each other for supremacy in their most versatile ways. Today, Samsung Galaxy Alpha remarkably competes with the equally perfect IPhone 6. Although Apple is yet to launch their very impressive and awesome mobile phone in global markets, Samsung never wasted any time to launch another interesting gadget that will definitely bring smiles on our faces from the very day that it is going to be formally introduced to the meticulous technical specifications of global consumers. Now, let us get to the bottom line of this engrossing article.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha will entice millions of its new design that will make them drool and go wild the moment they see it. First and foremost, it has a sturdy metal case which is genuinely strong as steel. However, the said component is carefully encased in a plastic. The Galaxy Alpha of Samsung has a very captivating resolution of 1,280x 720. Speaking of its fastest processor, it has been equipped with an octa or quad core type of processor. This magnificent mechanism mainly depends on your location. More so,it has a pixel density of 317 pixels per inch. The subsequent paragraphs of this worth reading news item will tell you more about the salient features of Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Read on.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha has a sturdy metal design enclosed in a plastic.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha has a sturdy metal design enclosed in a plastic.


Among the best features of Samsung Galaxy Alpha are the as follows:

  • It has the latest Android component 4.44 Kitkat.
  • It has fun-filled features like a fingerprint scanner- It is fascinatingly incorporated into the simple to operate Home button.
  • An accurate heart rate monitor at the rear part of the camera.
  • S Health and Private Mode- This is a specially built in mechanism which hides your confidential files from those preying and suspicious eyes of friends, loved one and those people that you don’t know.
  • Ultra Power Saving Mode- This feature deactivates automatically the unnecessary services of the mobile phone.
  • It has a 1,860m Ah cell that does not drain immediately, due to the phone’s low resolution. Just like any other mobile phone, its battery is lightweight and removable.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha has yet to brag about its exceptional features. But what matters right now is the way by which it is going to transcend the world of mobile communications in the years ahead.

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