Mobile means of communications have gone through thousands of leaps and bounds, to make it more versatile and user-friendly at the same time. In fact, there are some mobile forms of communications that are remarkably suited for people who are visually impaired. Also, mobile devices nowadays have lots of marvelous features that will undoubtedly define an encompassing definition of being multifarious. As such, innovation really never ends. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the newest baby of Samsung Group of Companies, that will soon be unmasking itself in the forthcoming World Mobile Congress, a few weeks from now. However, this must read article about Samsung Galaxy S5 will provide mobile phone lovers with information on what to expect to keep their imaginations continuously bewildered with the impeccable and smashing X-Factors of this sleek and gorgeous mobile phone of 2014.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will surely sweep your feet  with its sleek design and awesome features  that will excitingly reveal what a mobile device should be.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will surely sweep your feet with its sleek design and awesome features that will excitingly reveal what a mobile device should be.

Remarkably, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is said to possess a superb and ultra fantastic camera which has a very revealing HD resolution of 2,500 x 1440 mega pixels. It has a built-in fingerprint scanner and an external case finish, that is so durable because of its metallic component. Therefore, Samsung is dearly expecting millions of dollars with their marvelous and state-of-the art Samsung Galaxy S5 unrivaled specifications that will make other mobile phone firms drool in envy and astonishment.


Overall, the captivating design of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is really lightweight and small. As far as its colorful and vivid screen is concerned, it can be realistically described as spellbinding because of its different colors, which are highly-saturated. More so, its external facades are voluptuously curved just like a sexy and charming gal to ensure total comfort and convenience, especially for those who are always on the go. As such, presumably it should also be shock-proof. Ultimately, the design prototype of SG S5 is for everyone who passionately longs for a cellphone that seems to be invisible on their palm.

Exploring the newest innovation in mobile phone, is just like traveling the world with your fingertips.

Exploring the newest innovation in mobile phone, is just like traveling the world with your fingertips.

Internal Components

Of course, all mobile phone users are expecting that the internal specifications of this latest craze in town will perfectly commensurate to the money that they would spare and spend, as soon as Samsung Galaxy S5 finally hits the market in the coming weeks. One of which, is its longer battery life span. To date, most of us no longer have a conventional phone device at home. Logically speaking, mobile phones have become one of the most sought after primal requisites for being socially connected to the web. In effect, we keep in touch with the world through those important and urgent voice calls for personal and office purposes. In this regard, if Samsung Galaxy S5 has more than 20 hours of talk time, it would undeniably become “The Mobile Phone of the Century”.

Along this premise, this revolutionary gadget from Samsung should not fail to include in their complex pillars of invention that human necessities are constantly far reaching and inevitable. In the same manner, the longer battery life inclusion among its wide variety of internal mechanisms will be more beneficial to those who are fond of exploring their phone’s social media capabilities. Again, Samsung Galaxy S5 will easily outshine its technological predecessors if this would be addressed innovatively without question, prior to its grand product launching.

Moreover, it is worth anticipating if Samsung Galaxy S5 would have a superb audio quality. It is of paramount concern for those techies out there, who cannot live without watching their favorite movies and music videos every single day. In the succeeding paragraphs, let this article discuss in brief about its most intricate and sensitive software. Let us explore them with specifics above anything else.


Samsung Galaxy SG 5 has most the striking and sui generis software attributes. It has a Touch Whiz software to gladly brag about. Primarily, the Touch Whiz software would make it much easier for us to access some important notifications and best of all, we can readily customize this alluring phone without any inch of difficulty. In other words, everything we need is just a click away. But its app tray has to be huge enough especially for those individuals who are fond of downloading such mobile features without ceasing. Overall, the well-renowned and gigantic firm of Samsung should be able to concentrate more on the dragging and dropping capabilities of Samsung Galaxy S5, to make it more versatile and functional. But just the same, this catapulting and priceless phone has been equipped with voice control systems which are genuinely “touchless”. Apart from these salient and colossal features, it has a lustrous screen that will instantly reflect your most wanted SMS messages by just gently tapping the screen twice, according to its brilliant innovators.


Summary of Features

In a rundown, here are some more of the fascinating features of Samsung Galaxy S5. It has a swift processor, an excellent photography resolution, wide array of software tricks and last but not the least, it’s totally dust and weather proof inside and out.Cool isn’t it?

Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will gladly unmask itself on the 23rd of February 2014 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain. From there, it will be sold across the globe sometime before Samsung launches another mobile innovation that will drastically change the world of mobile communications forever.

In closing, the prolific architecture of technological innovation need not be too lavish nor extremely complicated. Thus, it should be affordable, convenient and easy to use just like this soon to be released Samsung Galaxy S5, which has dramatically personified what a world-class mobile phone should be.

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