There is every reason to celebrate for the San Francisco Giants these days because they ended up as victorious in the recently concluded one-on-one game with the glorious Cardinals. Needless to say, their much coveted win was not an easy one. As a result, the San Francisco Giants will proceed to the 2014 World Series. Here’s how it all happened. The domineering power of Thompson was not treated as the main issue in the second base by a third pitcher who was alluded to as a lunatic pitcher from Alabama who had a disturbing vision at that time. Thus, this could be termed as a blessing in disguise for the SF Giants.

San Francisco Giants slumps the Cardinals anew.

San Francisco Giants slumps the Cardinals anew.

Despite of these inevitable fumbles by the other camp, the recent victor did not rest on their laurels. They were able to sustain the momentum and leverage that they badly needed to be on the top of the world that night. Above anything else, the Midas touch of Ishikawa to make a three-homer in the ninth inning put off the capabilities of Michael Watcha. This had spoken the most unforgettable victory for the San Francisco Giants against the Saint Louis Cardinals. Hence, the final score was at 6-3 in favor of the Giants. Consequently, this is their pennant for the past five seasons.

Meanwhile, Ishikawa was said to the first one to send the crowd favorite to the prestigious World Series. Essentially, it was Ishikawa’s incredible foresight which made everything for the Giants to prevail over the Cardinals without having to say much during the entire course of the game. Therefore, the deciding factor which led to the momentous victory of the SF Giants was the undeniable fact that their offense and defensive stance were carefully executed without forcing the issue on them-selves. Now that the San Francisco Giants is heading to the World Series, they have to face another staunch contender which is no other than but the Kansas City Royals. This would for the second wild card of the World Series this coming Tuesday.

In an operative concept, the word warm means the clinching of a victory in a given series. To provide you a glimpse of how exciting the series was, here’s what the players had to say.

I saw it go over the fence, and the next thing I remember is being thrown to the ground in a dogpile.

As they are preparing for the World Series, the San Francisco Giants will not definitely lose their inherent winning streak because they are basically aware of the fact that victory is not merely an investment but a most cherished legacy that will forever sing the highest notes of harmony and a dynamic kind of teamwork that will always be intact and formidable.

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