Superb product endorsements are the pivotal elements of advertising successes. These are the main reasons why, the manufacturers of the No.1 deodorant in the Philippines lovingly wooed Sarah Geronimo as well as teen heartthrobs Enrique Gil and Elmo Magalona to be Rexona’s official product endorsers just in time for an exciting and fruitful summer season. Last week, Sarah Geronimo and her fabulous co-endorsers were proudly launched by the prolific ad team of Rexona as they gamely danced to the upbeat tune of “Do the Moves”. The latter is Rexona’s newest theme song for its summer campaign, which aims to focus more on the vibrant and active lifestyle of those classy and trendy teenagers of today.

In addition to this, the “Do the Moves” dance craze as magnificently interpreted by Sarah G, Magalona and Gil expressively talks about youth empowerment in today’s modern mainstream. Generally, it simply essays about the importance of confidence and self-expression in our daily lives as well as the enormouss advantages of social interactions. Accordingly, the top execs of Rexona have further stressed that their song and dance advertising strategies are more captivating to teens than any other form of visual arts. In fact, the “Do the Moves” dance tune will surely be one of the most inspiring and yet simplest way of encouraging today’s youths to just enjoy life while being hygienic at the same time.

Luckily, Sarah G and the rest of gang were able to perfectly personify what model teenagers have to be.- Active, free-flowing and sociable. Indeed, Rexona has amazingly found the best and endearing lucky charms whose brilliance never falter, even in the colorful passing of years.

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