Sarah Geronimo’s Mom on Her Daughter’s Love Life

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Popstar princess Sarah Geronimo is so blessed to have a very supportive mom like Mommy Divine. She has never let her daughter down whenever controversies come her way. Just recently, her mother has clarified that she is not in any way meddling in her daughter’s personal life most specially when it comes to heart matters. In a one-on-one interview, Mommy Divine said that one of their house rules is this.

Sarah Geronimo's mom never meddles on her personal affairs.

Sarah Geronimo’s mom never meddles on her personal affairs.

It is our principle in life not to ever dictate her what we want her to be. We don’t like that. We advice her, give suggestions but we still leave the final decision to her.

Likewise, the mom of Sarah Geronimo has said that they only wanted the best for their daughter and as expected, their much needed advice will always a part of Sarah’s life. Therefore, it is more appropriate to say that They only wanted the best of everything for Sarah Geronimo and that includes God’s guidance to bless her with the right man who will love and take care of her for the rest of her life. As we all know, Sarah is currently involved with actor Matteo Guidicelli.

From the very onset of their relationship, the lovely couple never had any major problem. As far as they are concerned, both Sarah and Matteo never give a damn to those people who are trying to ruin their beautiful relationship together. For these two loving hearts, what matters a lot is the way they feel about each other. In fact, they are planning to stick it out together no matter what happens. On a positive note, Mrs. Divine Geronimo is perhaps the best mom in the world. Simply because, as she protects the interests of her daughter she never fails to realize that she has the right to fall in love in the sweetest ways.

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