Sarah Goldberg, who once made 7th Heaven one of the most unforgettable series on television has peacefully joined her Creator at a very young age of 40. According to an autopsy report, she might have died of a heart failure. Similarly, her mother said that that the beauteous lass died in her sleep while her computer was still on her lap. She passed away last September 27, the beloved actress had doze her-self and never woke up the next morning.

The ever-beautiful Sarah Goldberg dies at 40.

The ever-beautiful Sarah Goldberg dies at 40.

In review, Sarah Goldberg had starred in 7th Heaven from 2002 to 2006. Due to her enigmatic and irresistible charm, she was able to captivate millions through her timeless portrayal as a medical student whose name was Sarah Glass Carnden. In the story, she got involved into a complicating interfaith romance. Prior to her illustrious career in Hollywood, she had planned to pursue a medical profession after she graduated from Amherst College with a major in Biology. Sarah Goldberg’s showbiz career all began when she started as an extra in a wedding scene sometime in 1997. This was a Julia Roberts starrer,My Bestfriend’s Wedding. Then, her star continued to shine when she was luckily included in those classic movies like Jurassic Park III and another TV show, Judging Amy.

While she is not acting in front of the camera, Sarah was a full-fledged athlete by profession. In fact, she loved skiing to the hilt. As a certified health buff, she attended yoga sessions at the time of her death. She spent the last days of her life in Santa Monica California. However, she visited her immediate family in celebration of the Jewish High Holy Days. In loving memory of this very soft spoken actress, her immediate family had requested that their post donations for Sarah can be generously sent to the Sarah Goldberg Memorial Fund at PAWS which is located in Chicago. Meanwhile, her co-star and good friend, Barry Watson said his loving and last goodbyes to Sarah by tweeting,

#RIP Sarah. I will miss you always. Love Ya! B.

Sarah is survived his mother and brother respectively. Her happy and tranquil death was really something that God has lovingly designed for her. Wherever she is now, it is very much certain that there is no more suffering. Sarah will portray another role that can be watched by those angels who have watched her all these years. At the height of her popularity, she was never been involved in any scandal that can forever taint her sweet image as one of Hollywood’s most respected actress. She might not be perfect at times. Nevertheless, God loves her because she never felt the pain and agony of death just like the others who had gone before her. So long, Sarah Goldberg.

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