In any relationship, faithfulness is a most cherished value that should never be forgotten all our lives. But have you ever discovered that there are lasting secret to make it sweeter for a lifetime? Based on relevant and yet worth knowing scientific findings, oxytocin plays a vital role in the lingering enhancement of being faithful to one another regardless of any storm that might ruin a beautiful bond through the years. By definition, oxytocin is a neurotransmitter which makes a person’s inherent drives more persistent for a given period of time. Some of these instincts within us are: Hunger, sex, social bonds and sexual attractions to name a few.

Faithfulness is being triggered oxytocin according to scientists.

Faithfulness is being triggered oxytocin according to scientists.

It also enthuses other human behaviors like a higher self-esteem and the astonishing development of trust. Interestingly, this is also known as the cuddle hormone. Therefore, it is also responsible for the nurturance of faithfulness between mother and child during the delicate pregnancy stage in women. Likewise, the breastfeeding regimen is attributed to this very sweet hormone in humans. Aside from triggering the value of faithfulness, oxytocin also makes way for facial recognitions and the ultimate achievement of orgasm during sexual intercourse. According to relevant research findings, when two people kiss and show their faithfulness to one another the human brain is actively producing some hormones. In other words, oxytocin provides emotional security to make a relationship more lasting than ever before. There is a recent study that was published in the Journal of Neuroscience which says that 57 percent of men has been administered a nasal spray of oxytocin. Remarkably, faithfulness is excellently fostered by the ever intimate cuddle hormone.

In the fascinating world of the animal kingdom, these creatures have their unique way of being true to their partners through this particular hormone of theirs. Conversely, meditation enhances your loyalty and commitment to your partner. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that this ritual effectively minimizes the effects of stress and anxiety among those people who are relatively busy and at the threshold of their productivity. Essentially, if we are relaxed and calm our body produces more oxytocin in general. Healthwise, this hormone regulates the balance of fluids inside our body. It stimulates cell division and it makes the healing of one’s wound much faster. Scientific researches have found out that oxytocin is produced by the food that we eat after being converted into energy. Therefore, if you want to last forever you should have more oxytocin in your system to make you ideal partners for a lifetime. Conclusively, there is no better way to express what you feel than by showing your endless commitment to your significant other.

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