Traversing the world over is one of the best things in life, that most of us wanted to achieve. For some reason, globetrotting is an extremely enjoyable kind of adventure which fruitfully fosters the remarkable values of significant cultural assimilation, historical awareness and most importantly, the amazing prepossession of a new identity that will magnificently change your lifestyle to make it more fulfilling. An awesome global rendezvous will widely open the doors of limitless opportunities in terms of how you optimistically perceive your self, in the eyes of a challenging and perplexed realm of temporal existence. Have you ever had your very own and most promising global rendezvous, that you will never ever forget? If not, read on this mesmerizing blog to be able to learn from a strong-willed woman about the sweet and bitter realities of being a seafarer without signs of regrets. Let Sweet Angel’s long and winding sea sojourn begin.

Circumnavigating the world is a dream come true for every seafarer.

Circumnavigating the world is a dream come true for every seafarer.

The only unlocking key in a human’s propelling move towards self-actualization is motivation. This humble but inspiring story of a charming sea woman was ironically catapulted by a heartbreaking romantic relationship with her first boyfriend. Nevertheless, seeing lots of great places is one of Sweet Angel’s finest and timeless global rendezvous of her lifetime. On the aspect of financial freedom, that remains to be a chapter to be sincerely worked hard for, without ceasing. According to my dearest friend, being a seafarer is not an easy economic undertaking. It has both pleasant and the not so good things which vividly completes the reality of an uncertain but revealing global rendezvous through the years.

A passionate and rewarding global rendezvous for a goal-driven OFW like her is not always a bed of roses. When she is bounded to do her duty as a workaholic payroll master in one of the most famous international firms of cruise ships around the world, she cannot help herself but cry because she terribly missed all those special occasions of her loved ones like birthdays, Christmas and even their much-anticipated family reunions. Perhaps, it is really true that everything in life has a high price to pay. Along this juncture, there were times that she even compared herself to a withering rose.

Sweet Angel has learned about her most cherished global rendezvous the hard way. Most seamen in particular are dubbed as “One day millionaires”. To explain, those OFW’s of the same kind tend and plan to save their hard earned money which is equivalent to one whole year; but if they do not have any other source of income apart from their life-threatening vocation, those huge sums of money would be just like, a flicker of light which slowly falters and eventually dies in the wilderness of the night. Thus, to be able to earn a lot, many of her colleagues at sea will just lock up themselves in solitaire so that they will not spend any single cent at all.

Just the same, nothing changes. Everything will be eaten up whether they like it or not. In the final analysis, a seafarer’s bitter and trying global rendezvous entails a lot of budgeting, strategic planning as to what wise investments are there, to become the best economic sources for those OFW’s like her who can no longer earn their own lot due to inevitable circumstances, in the future.

On heart matters, Sweet Angel optimistically looks forward to tie the knot with the man of her dreams, five years from now. Financially, on that same year she gladly longs for a stable and profitable business that will provide her child the best of both worlds. When asked, about what particular country she wants to become if God will reincarnate her to live for a thousand years, she seriously answered. “I want to become the splendid country of Norway”. To continue, she even described to me in all sincerity that Norway is the best country in the world for her because in that beauteous nation, there seems to be no darkness which negatively clouds the high-spirits of her people since the reckoning of time.

Instead, you will always see blinding rays of light day in and day out. For her, this is truly a priceless gift from God because it connotes only one inspiring message. ” In our daily lives, there are gray and dark areas that we need to surprisingly transform into a shimmering light of abundance, hope, trust and faith. In turn, these temporal personifications will make all of us worthy and deserving of the most endless and satisfying global rendezvous of SUCCESS and CONTENTMENT till our blissful journey in life ends.

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