Sometimes, the road to a victorious feat can be harsh. This aptly describes how the Seahawk team behaved in one of their games with the Green Bay Packers and the Denver Broncos. On the other hand, their not so lucky games were between San Diego and Dallas respectively. But these were not the main context of those recent accounts which have been written against the Seahawks. Just recently, their most prominent receiver in the person of Doug Baldwin had a confrontation with one of their nemesis, the Cowboys.

Football superstar Doug Baldwin had a bitter taste of defeat in the hands of the Cowboys.

Football superstar Doug Baldwin had a bitter taste of defeat in the hands of the Cowboys.

Specifically, the said altercation had earned a lot of criticisms most specially from notable sports analysts who are profoundly analyzing the game with objectivity and analytic thinking. Previously, Baldwin had two catches and a blocked punt last Sunday. To compensate, he tried to connect again with a magical touchdown to keep the team’s moral from dying a millions times over. According to spectators and analysts alike, this disgusting scenario was completely meaningless and had only placed the Seahawks to a more disgusting situation than ever before. Given this kind of a scenario, it had definitely tainted the reputation of the team as the crowning glory in the sport that they know best.

In the same manner, the salient points of Baldwin’s comment in relation to their previous games with the Cowboys with respect to their offensive plays had been more alarming than we can ever imagine. In truth and indeed, Doug Baldwin blew his top maybe, because of desperation. However we are not going to be judgmental here. After all, the Seahawks will definitely be on the rebound soon by hook or by crook. To be more objective enough, here are some parts of Seahawk’s Doug Baldwin’s personal comments on the issue of their offensive strategies.

o. [Expletive] that. We had plenty of time. We had plenty of time to making [expletive] plays on the field. Plenty of time.

On the matters of his ranting about Russel, here’s the full context which seemed to have full of regrets and defense mechanisms if we are to read it between the lines.

What you think, man? We’re frustrated. The offense can’t [expletive] move the ball. We’ve got too much [expletive] talent over here not to be moving the ball. It’s not on Russ. I’m saying in general, our offense, we’re too just [expletive] good not to be moving the ball down the field. I’m not mad at Russ at all, it’s a collaborative thing. We’ve all got to pitch in and do our part. We’ve all got to be better.

Well, according to an analyst though Baldwin tried to conceal everything it still boiled down to one thing. His criticism of a short quarterback was too degrading in a way. When he said that,

We have to quit BS-ing ourselves. We’ve got to be real with ourselves. When we get in the meeting room, we’ve got to actually pay attention to things and not blow smoke up our tails that everything’s going to be all right. Things aren’t going right. Pay attention to things that we’re not doing right and correct them.

In the final analysis, the Seahawks team should first and foremost remember that there are days in everyone’s life that victory might not always be there right before our very eyes.

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