There is some truth to the saying, Don’t worry be happy. This is oh so true to Lucilla Vallarta Yncierto, a carefree woman who is already 101 years old. But she is still in good health despite of those problems that come with age, like her weakening knees and blurred vision. She simply refuses to let problems weigh her down. Lucilla keeps a happy disposition of which her relatives say is her secret to longer life as to why she is 101 years old.

Just like this 101-year old woman, Lucilla Yncierto is as robust as a coconut tree.

Just like this 101-year old woman, Lucilla Yncierto is as robust as a coconut tree.

Diabetes? She doesn’t have it. Her blood pressure is normal and her heart is in top shape. She eats what she wants without worrying at all. Lucilla is among the eight centenarians who were given recognition by the Cebu city government at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino last February 24, 2014 to celebrate the city’s Charter Day anniversary.

Each of the eight centenarians received a plaque of recognition and a 100,000 cheque from the Cebu City government. Almost all awardees either walked with their companions or on their wheelchairs; while others were with their canes. For the said occasion, Lucilla wore a white dress with a red shawl She did not seem to comprehend what was happening and repeatedly asked her youngest daughter, Nenette and her son in law, Lawrence that she would be brought home.

She was born on October 31, 1911 in a serene town in Southern Cebu. When she was 15 years old, Lucilla went to the city proper to find a job, There she also found her love, Leon Tan. Leon was a Chinese businessman and their marriage was blessed with nine children. Unfortunately, Leon died at the age of 94 in 1994 when Lucilla was 83 years old then. Nenette, Lucilla’s youngest daughter, said that her mom is a doting mother and a good housewife. To date, she did not work anymore when she got married to Leon. She became a fulltime mom to her nine children.

When asked about what is her secret to a longer long life, she is consistent in saying that she just she does not want to be sad. Her marriage to Leon was not perfect. There were times when the husband would go astray, but she would rather not worry about it. Nenette says now that her mother is old, it is their turn and duty to take care of her. Despite of her poor eyesight, she spends most of her time in watching TV and has developed the habit of viewing afternoon teleseries. The 101 year old mother of nine has favorite song. It is entitled as Pobreng Alindahaw. Her children and grandchildren would talk to her more often even if she would converse either in Filipino, English or Chinese.

To celebrate Lucilla’s 100th birthday, the family had planned a celebration which will be held at the Grand Convention Center. Nenette said. But a day before her big day, she was rushed to the hospital. This was the reason why the celebration was cancelled. She complained of chest pains. Luckily, her electrocardiogram results had shown that her heart is normal. So, she was sent home after her checkup.

The family still pushed through with the birthday celebration at their abode at Gemsville Subdivision in Barangay Lahug. The occasion according to the family members is a celebration of her joyous life and a thanksgiving because God had given her so much. Though she can eat whatever she wants, her children agreed to put her on a soft diet and limit her food Cerelac, fruits and Ensure, a nutritional supplement because Lucilla is having a hard time chewing her food properly. Despite of of this, Lucilla says that she is still in good shape as she ages gracefully with time.

Most importantly, worrying is not in her vocabulary. This is her ultimate secret to longer life. Maybe, its time for us to change our outlook in life. No worries at all. Problems? they will be gone in time.

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