Technological innovation never stops. It only keeps on evolving every single day. This marvelous and worth noticing developments in our midst today, will make the lives of many more convenient and much easier without any question at all. The awesome and remarkable self-driving car is one of the finest byproducts of man’s ingenuity and his continued quest for excellence not only to serve the purpose of global competitiveness but to provide millions of people across the globe the very essence of an ultra-modern lifestyle.

The amazing self-driving car of Google was already unveiled. It is characteristically described with only a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour. As far as its seating capacity is concerned, it is literally too small; therefore, the is mesmerizing car of the future can only accommodate two people no more, no less. Now, in order for you to travel safely down the road the vehicle of the century, has been equipped with sensors. These highly-commendable parts of the car are its heart and soul.

This self-driving car by Google is magnificently equipped with only two buttons.-stop and go.

This self-driving car by Google is magnificently equipped with only two buttons.-stop and go.

In addition to this, this tremendous mode of transportation has no steering wheel nor some breaks. Ultimately, this modern and out of this world mode of transportation is only made up of two important buttons.- The STOP and GO buttons respectively. To see if its really worth spending, this self-driving car has been subjected to a road test. Successfully, it was able to travel without any impediment an approximate mileage of at least 700,000 miles on its first use since it was flawlessly created by Google. Based on the first-hand experience of the one who used it prior to its momentous launching Richard Quest has this to say: To sit in the car hands off and the car is changing lane on its own, it’s anticipating traffic and you’re thinking I’ve got to have faith on this vehicle.

Historically, automated cars have been in existence since the earlier 1970’s circa. These exciting and thrilling vehicles ere made by some of the most prominent names in the international car industry. Among these were: BMW, Audi, Volvo and GM. In these modern times driverless cars are already partaking the endless joyrides of fun and excitement every day.

Meanwhile, Google’s Sergey Brin (the company’s co-founder), has said that

You can count on one hand the number of years until ordinary people can experience this. In other words, you might see a self-driving car parked on a street near you by 2018.

Someday, yours truly wants to own this self-driving car. So, I can paint the town red at long last.

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