Our fast-faced world is predominantly ruled by those sleek, elegant and versatile mobile phones, regardless of its type and model. To date, millions of people around the world can easily communicate with one another by just a slight swipe of a touchscreen cellphone or a light touch of a specific button to use a certain feature with so much ease and enjoyment. Of course, we cannot deny that technological innovations have somehow transformed our once simple persona into something that can be sarcastically characterized as mobile dependent. Our uncontrolled mobile dependency had made as dumb in many different ways because we have lost our enthusiasm to empower our knowledge and skills through conventional means. In like manner, we never cease our eagerness to download those diverse mobile apps which make our cognitive abilities to become stagnant.

Mobile dependency impedes human creativity.

Mobile dependency impedes human creativity.

But if you do think that you can no longer survive without your Android or Smartphones, below are the easiest ways to follow in order to get rid of a mobile phone addiction. Try to engage your-self in a good and pleasant conversation by getting in touch with your friends and family members personally and avoid the use of text messaging for just a day or two. Remember, that physical warmth and contact are the best and provocative expressions of love, care and respect for one another. To do away with your mobile dependence, have you ever entertained the reality that these gadgets make you a consumer rather than a unique and wonderful creator? To explain, how much money are we spending for our monthly loads and subscriptions? Think about that after you have read this revealing article of ours. Likewise, there are some individuals who are frequently doing the following through their mobile phones.- shopping, directions, communication among others.

If you are going to lessen your succorance to your mobile device, you are going to fruitfully find your simple and normal self once again. We have never realized that the emergence of social media and text messaging have lessened our worth and attention to our-selves and the people around us. It is then, self-explanatory that if we are not extremely attached to our mobile phones we are going to be more productive because there are no senseless distractions or whatsoever. To resolve turn off your phone when you are at work. More so, if we will only learn on how to avoid the habit of 30 minutes a day, we’re giving ourselves over 22 full days a year of time we could spend on projects. Sometimes, if we are more engrossed in exploring our new device we tend to lose our awareness around us which makes mobile dependence a liability more than an asset to some people. To wrap up, mobile dependency can get even worse if our self-control goes overboard.

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