This Year of the Sheep, there’s a very interesting and yet astounding health article which says that selfies can cure a kind of fungal infection which is known as eczema. This is a type of skin irritation which is oftentimes recurring when it is exposed to wet surfaces and when one eats certain food that will aggravate the said itchy and flaky skin inflammation in just a few weeks. But, there’s a newest and shocking medical revelation which had concluded that if you are fond of taking pictures of your-self there is a great chance of curing your debilitating skin problem as gradually as possible. Are you ready to find out the answer as much our website wants it too?

Selfies can incredibly cure eczemas.

Selfies can incredibly cure eczemas.

Well, here’s what health experts have to say. Based on the published scientific findings on the 22nd of October 2014, on the highly controversial journal of JAMA Dermatology, the brilliant researchers of University of Denver, Colorado, had experimented and studied about 156 people who are severely affected with eczema. In lieu of this, almost half of the participants have gone to their dermatologist. On the other hand, the rest of the subjects had undergone an unusual online treatment which were plainly based on selfies which were then uploaded for the sake of professional assessment. From that humble scientific experiment, it was found out that 44 percent of the total respondents had miraculously achieved an unprecedented medical breakthrough by the mere absence or total absence of this debilitating medical condition in the long run. In essence, this online assessment has been referred to as teledermatology. The process involves the critical study and evaluation of the human skin on a remote facility. Accordingly, the American American Academy of Dermatology has said that the evolution and wonders of telecommunications such as selfies are more advantageous to people who are living in rural areas. Again, major improvements were noticed as compared to those patients who had one-on-one encounter with their approachable skin doctors.

Meanwhile, there is famous author in the person of April W. Armstrong who had divulged that

Health services delivery in dermatology is an exciting and evolving field. With the changing healthcare environment and a growing demand for dermatologic services, technology-enabled health care delivery models have the potential to increase access and improve outcomes.

Conclusively, science has made another first by clearly establishing that modern technology can drastically make major and catalytic changes in terms of this amusing medical fact which has to be studied more further to become a legendary truth without questions. Best of all, selfies can make those individuals with eczemas to save more of their hard earned money because they will no longer purchase those highly-priced topical ointment. Indeed, medical science knows no bounds. Do you certainly agree?

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