The deadline for the filing of tax returns using the electronic filing and payment system or eFPS and the electronic BIR forms or eBIRForms is on April 15. Non-compliant taxpayers will be penalized with a P1,000 fine per return as mandated under the National Internal Revenue Code (NIRC) of 1997.

So, Senator Bam Aquino asks BIR or the Bureau of Internal Revenue on Thursday to postpone for another three months the deadline for the filing of tax returns using the mandatory electronic form, citing confusion among taxpayers, and even among BIR personnel on how the new system would be implemented.


Sen. Bam Aquino urges BIR to postpone April 15 tax filing deadline.

In a statement, “The BIR local offices have conflicting statements on how to proceed, who are covered, determination of penalties, etc. This creates uncertainty in our taxpayers which in turn leads to dissatisfaction. Even they themselves are confused on how to implement this new policy”.

The senator then suggested that the BIR stick to the policy, but extend the deadline for filing for another three months, saying, “the BIR also needs to ensure that their online system can handle the volume of downloads that will only increase in the next few days“.

Bam Aquino also encouraged the BIR to establish online kiosks or stations at its local offices with personnel who will help to input the returns of the taxpayers and teach them with new procedures.

In this way, the BIR can fulfill its objective of migrating our taxpayers online, while dispelling any possible doubts and fears from our taxpayers on the new system“, he said.

The senator also pressed the BIR to suspend the imposition of penalties on taxpayers who would fail to comply with the new electronic filing system.

We should make things easier for our taxpayers, not make things difficult for them. The fines are not commensurate with the ‘offense’ of manual filing. Saan ka nakakita, gusto na ngang magbayad, bibigyan mo pa ng multa“?

The BIR issued the regulation on March 15, published in a national daily two days later, leaving taxpayers with less than a month to comply with the new policy. The deadline of tax filing is Wednesday, April 15.

I think the BIR should allow both procedures, the manual and E-filing because not everyone has access to the Internet. And also, they should check the eBIRForms website, wherein, according to users, it goes down for most of the day. There are also invalid TIN’ errors incidents during registrations and worst, the personnel themselves cannot access their own website.

I guess our government does not care about the inconveniences they impose on us. They just want us to obey. Sad but true.


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