Senator Chiz and Heart Evangelista’s Wedding Plans

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Famous celebrity couples in local showbiz have their own unique ways on how to make their fairytale wedding more sacred for both of them who have been destined by God to have and to hold forever. Just like Senator Chiz and Heart Evangelista, they have preferred to make their much awaited altar date to become more intimate between those people who are very close and dear to their hearts from the very day that they first laid eyes on each other. As to the exact date of their wedding, plans have to be finalized yet. Admirably, Senator Chiz Escudero gives her wife a free hand concerning their other plans for that particular special occasion in their lives.

Senator Chiz and Heart Evangelista want an intimate wedding,

Senator Chiz and Heart Evangelista want an intimate wedding,

Although she was able to settle her differences with her parents, Heart still hopes that her loving parents will be there to celebrate with them. A part of their wedding itinerary is the beautiful and charismatic Balesin Island. However, some of their would be invited guests might have a hard time in getting there. In other developments, Heart says that she and her mom had already met. During their intimate moments together, the mother and daughter emotions have prevailed. At last, the rift between them was all over. Now Heart Evangelista is more at peace with her life.

Meanwhile, Senator Chiz Escudero has promised to Heart’s family to take care of her no matter what happens. It might not be a royal wedding for Senator Chiz and Heart Evangelista, but they have found one another so perfectly at the right time and place. Truly, age does not matter at all when love comes our way. Challenges are there, but these are just spices of this CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE.

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