Local celebrity engagements are the passionate trends of love and commitment that cannot be preempted nor delayed when two hearts beat to endless leaps and bounds. Right after the tear-jerking marriage proposal of actor Dingdong Dantes to Primetime Queen Marian Rivera, the latest buzz in Philippine Showbiz is all about the surprising engagement of Senator Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista. Despite of their huge gap, both Senator Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista had proven to everyone that they are really meant for each other against all odds. Age wise, the brilliant and goal-driven Sorsogon lawmaker is 44 whereas Heart is only 29.

Senator Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista have sweetly defied the odds of love through their surprising engagement.

Senator Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista have sweetly defied the odds of love through their surprising engagement.

Officially, their much anticipated engagement was first posted by Heart’s best buddies in showbiz. They are actresses Alessandra de Rossi and Lovi Poe respectively. Currently, the lovey dovey couple is in Sorsogon with their most intimate friends. In line with that very sentimental act of love between Evangelista and Senator Escudero, de Rossi gladly shared the most elegant engagement ring that every woman would like to wear on her finger via her Instagram account. On the other hand, another friend of the most ideal couple in local showbiz had excitedly shared a series of fireworks display to joyously celebrate a new beginning in the lives of Senator Chiz and Heart. In the same manner, the most romantic kiss between these two inseparable lovebirds was posted by Lovi Poe her-self on her Instagram. With so much happiness in her heart, Lovi said.

I’m so happy for you guys! Chiz and heart. You finally found someone who gives you that feeling that people write novels about. Someday when the time comes all I have to do is look at you both and always remember to choose happiness more than anything in this world.

Heart Evangelista on her part says that Senator Francis Joseph Escudero is truly her destiny because she can be her real self, whenever they are together. Best of all, if she commits mistakes the good-natured senator is very much willing to explain whatever she has to learn about life. Well, Senator Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista are dearly joined by the Almighty to spend their lives together to finally COMPLETE the missing link within their extremely adorable persona.

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