Senator Miriam Santiago Afflicted with Lung Cancer

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Senator Miriam Santiago bravely announces that she has lung cancer. This shocking disclosure was made through a press conference. Prior to her sincere and honest revelation, millions of netizens and her countless supporters have presumed that it has something to do with her much awaited candidacy for the 2016. However, it was more than just political ambitions.

Senator Miriam Santiago has lung cancer.

Senator Miriam Santiago has lung cancer.

She’s fighting for her life with a kind of cancer that can be described as one of the leading causes of mortality in the world today. Despite of this newest along her way, Senator Miriam Santiago gladly accepts her illness with all her heart. Thus, she never hesitated to admit her present predicament using the power of social media by saying that,

I have come so you can me personally before cancer ravages my body. I don’t smoke I don’t drink, I don’t know the reaction of my enemies. They can get rid of me. But on the other hand, I might survive and I will get rid of them. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t commit adultery. I only tell lies to my husband.

Nevertheless, Senator Miriam Santiago remains to be optimistic that she will fully recover after a period of six weeks with the sudden onset of a medical breakthrough for cancer patients who do not want to undergo a series of chemotherapy sessions. Briefly, this latest medical approach in treating lung cancer does not involve painful radiation treatments. This miracle treatment is in a tablet form, which will gradually dissolve those cancer cells within the patient’s body. In other words, it is actually safe and pain-free. She said that she can even go to work while she is undergoing the whole process.

While speaking in her own press conference, she is gasping for her breath. This is one of the most prominent symptoms of a respiratory problem, just like lung cancer. Further, she revealed that she has a chronic fatigue syndrome. Meanwhile, the latter provided a mysterious finding that her doctors cannot point out in time. Here’s the exclusive video footage of her surprising revelation about her health condition. Watch.

Just the same, Senator Miriam Santiago says that she feels very much delighted what she is going through right now.

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