Senator Nancy Binay Rejects Anti-Dynasty Bill

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The controversial sphere of Philippine politics has always been marred by the senseless and annoying talks about political dynasties. These are social issue that terribly tainted the images of those honest politicians who just wanted to serve the the Filipino people without any ulterior motive. To get down to specifics, the filing of an anti-dynasty bill in the Senate which is also known as House Bill 1906 was filed by Senator JV Ejercito will definitely change the world of politics in the Philippines. On the other hand, Senator Miriam Santiago has drafted a much clearer one which is strongly geared towards the absolute culmination of a political dynasty.

Senator Nancy Binay says the anti-dynasty bill deprives the personal choices of Pinoy voters.

Senator Nancy Binay says the anti-dynasty bill deprives the personal choices of Pinoy voters.

In this regard, Senator Nancy Binay said that she will not in any way support the anti- dynasty bill. She further that if ever this bill will finally become a law, the people will be deprived of their choices. Binay even defended those politicians who are sharing the same name,by saying that is not a sure and automatic guarantee that they will be a victor in any electoral exercise. In the case of her family, there are four incumbent officials who are all serving the government. The older Binay is a Vice-President, Makati Mayor Jun-Jun Binay, Makati Congresswoman Abigail Binay and her-self.

Historically, they are being regarded as one of the most powerful and influential clans in the intriguing political landscape of the country. Further, Senator Nancy Binay says that the ultimate criterion in choosing an ideal public official is the uncontested voice of the people no more, no less. As far as the distinctive versions of the anti-dynasty bills are concerned, Senator Jose Victor Ejércitoo says.

No spouse or relative within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity of an incumbent elective official seeking re-election shall be allowed to hold or run for any position in the same province in the same election.

Moreover, the said measure states that it prohibits people who are related to an incumbent official within the prohibited degree from succeeding to the position of the latter. In the event that Senator Ejercito ‘s anti-dynasty will be unanimously approved into law, the incumbent Vice President will never fulfill his presidential ambitions two years from now. It is because of the fact that Senator Nancy Binay is a senator until 2019. Despite of its bitter repercussions, the anti-dynasty bill will be immediately signed by President Aquino if it successfully passess both the Upper and Lower Houses of Congress.

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