Dramatic actor Daniel Padilla is being dragged into another controversy. This time, it is was an alleged audio scandal which mainly centers about a funny and light conversation about other people. In the said audio scandal, there was a male voice who perfectly resembled the voice of the debonair and most popular talent of ABS-CBN 2. Among the much talked about conversation in the said scandal was a supposed text message from another actress in the person of Jasmine Curtis Smith. Prior to the culmination of the audio clip, Daniel Padilla allegedly said.

Patrick is gone. No one will bully me. Sam’s group is gone.

Debonair actor Daniel Padilla is being linked to a controversial audio scandal.

Debonair actor Daniel Padilla is being linked to a controversial audio scandal.

In that particular clip, nobody was extremely visible. However, it was clearly evident according to some netizens that the said mystery voice belongs to the nephew of action star Robin Padilla. Meanwhile, the Sam that was alluded to in the audio clip was nonetheless Sam Concepcion. He is the current boyfriend of Jasmine Curtis Smith. As a point of clarification, Daniel Padilla has just shrugged the audio scandal after he was interviewed by a local entertainment talk show via ABS-CBN 2. On the other hand, his ever loyal loveteam in the person of Kathryn Bernardo came to the rescue by saying these flattering words. Best guy ever.

As far as Sam Concepcion is concerned, he has time and again reassured that he and Jasmine are indeed doing great. On the personal note, the immediate family of Padilla has not issued any statement regarding the matter. In relation to this, Karla Estrada has slightly commented on the scandal by saying,

Another work of the devil who tries to destroy my son. You will not win. There are many people who will defend my son.

Although Padilla has totally remained mum on the proliferating audio scandal, this mystery has somehow tainted the good natured image of the phenomenal Daniel Padilla. It was secretly extracted from the personal boy’s talk of the actor and his cousin RJ Padilla. In his other statements, he just simply thanked his fans for supporting him all the way from the very start of his illustrious showbiz career. He further added that there were times that he had some misgiving with his fans but the bottomline here is that no one can put him down. In fact of his fans has claimed that the audio scandal was merely a demolition job. Needless to say, this is really a two-edged sword situation of Daniel. Listen intently to the audio scandal of an alleged Daniel Padilla.

First and foremost, he has to prove once and for all that it is not him in its strictest sense. With this kind of a predicament, there is no doubt that Daniel will rise above from all of these by using a much better strategy. On the contrary, if it is indeed him Daniel Padilla should humble him-self and ask forgiveness to those people he had hurt.

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