There is no need to explain that our hair is the crowning glory of all humans. It beautifully defines and exudes the kind of personality and aura that are so unique in all of us. But as time goes by, there are several and senseless hair myths that are too confusing in every specific angle of beauty as well as the projection of an awesome personality. Based on the proven scientific studies and researches, people should finally do away with these beauty principles so as to develop and foster the real ways and means of having a soft and beautiful hair.

A new haircut is one of the senseless hair myths that is related to faster hair growth.

A new haircut is one of the senseless hair myths that is related to faster hair growth.

Without going through those unnecessary thoughts and superstitious beliefs about hair care, let us discover these false beliefs at a glance. Primarily, cutting your hair do not largely contribute to its regrowth in due time. This was according to doctor Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Suggestively, it is highly recommended to cut your hair from six to eight weeks to make it healthier and full of life. Have you ever plucked your gray hair if you are not doing anything? Here’s the scientific fact about it. Read on.

The undeniable truth is that your hair will get even weaker, if it is being plucked as often as you want. Shampooing your hair too often will not result to hair fall. The truth of the matter is that if you don’t shampoo your hair too of often it will result to oil build up and will eventually stagnate the inherent growth of your hair in due time. Going back, if you have lots of falling hair, the first thing that you should ask your-self is that how stressful are you? Meanwhile, to reduce your falling hair syndrome all you need to do is to add some essential oils to your shampoo.

The next senseless hair care belief is that if you brush your hair too often will make it healthier. This is not absolutely true. In fact, it is going be more disastrous to your hair inside and out. Specifically, this hair routine will only damage your hair cuticle for good. These senseless hair myths must be constantly written in your heart and soul for life.

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