The fabulous game of football is more than just a thrilling chronicle of guts, glory and prestige. It is an adrenalin-pumping endeavor which greatly involves the best offenses and defenses which have to be exceptionally applied to significantly establish the art of winning in every step of the way. To date, the much sought after football team of SF 49ers had easily floored the Rams with a final score of 31-17. Ahmad Brook, the quick linebacker of San Francisco 49ers had said that they had critically planned and simultaneously executed some good but paralyzing pressures on the star players of Rams. As a result, David Sack’s momentum was temporarily held in abeyance for almost five times during the entire course of the game. Both Brooks and Skuta had made it sure that Davis will not be able to deliver the goods for his team.

The legend of SF 49ers continues to dominate the field against the Rams in their previous game.

The legend of SF 49ers continues to dominate the field against the Rams in their previous game.

Therefore, the bagman for the San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick had the chance to warm up and prepare for the killer shot to eventually clinch the victory in the final seconds of the game. Kaepernick was able to throw a prolific 343 yards and a total of three touchdowns to finally be at the helm of the game last night. Earlier in the game, they were down by 14 points. However, this major setback during the first few minutes of the game did not become an issue that will devastatingly crush their morale until it was far from over. Instead, their much needed defense had been laid down. Thus, this strategy has geared one of the best victories ever in football history. Of course, this was courtesy of Donitae Johnson who suddenly reciprocated an interception for a stunning TD to seal their victory in the most magical ways. Overwhelmingly, Johnson said.

Talk about an opportunity; I had the chance to make a play.

Furthermore, the Three Musketeers of SF 49ers in the persons of Anquan Boldin, Michael Crabtree and Brandon Lloyd had individually secured a scoring pass for their widely-recognized team. Kaepernick had lots of time to make some of the easiest throws in the game. In an interview, he just simply said without bragging what they had achieved.

We just want to win. Whatever it takes, if we’re up with the lead or if we have to come from behind.

During the crucial minutes of the game, Kaepernick had gladly come across with Boldin who was then going across the ultimate zone which was mainly made in order to capitalize for a victorious TD of 11 yards. This was deemed necessary to make an 80-yard drive pass, to excellently begin the second half with a roaring or thunderous strategy to break a leg against the Rams.

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