Shakira, the world famous Colombian singer has unbelievably established a new world record of 100 million Facebook likes. She was able to get these humongous likes on this widely used social media after she made an eye- catching post in a popular stadium in Brazil. This is no other than but the Maracanã Stadium in Rio. The said phenomenal post was proudly made last Sunday.

Columbian singer Shakira has 100 million likes on Facebook.

Columbian singer Shakira has 100 million likes on Facebook.

This was prior to her magnificent performance at the FIFA World Cup 2014. Currently, she remarkably holds the distinction of the Most Liked Person on Facebook. With such a great and honor, she gladly thanked her fans on Facebook and Instagram respectively.

According to her,

I am honored and humbled about reaching this milestone, because it’s one that’s purely about connecting with my fans from all parts of the globe. Social media and specifically Facebook has helped myself and other artists bridge the gap between the stage and the audience. We’ve been able to create a conversation, where both artists and fans can share with one another their thoughts, achievements, the most important moments of their lives in photographs and videos, and have a real, ongoing dialogue.

Based on the diverse criteria which are being use by Justin Osofsky, Facebook’s VP of Global Operations and Media Partnerships he said that

The combination of Shakira’s global appeal, her authentic engagement with fans and her use of Facebook as a multi-media platform has positioned her to achieve the incredible milestone of 100-M fans.

Uniquely, Shakira has indelibly established an iconic manner of telling us that the wise use of Facebook can greatly help us to begin and build a kind of future that the entire world loves to see.

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