Sultry model Shannon de Lima is enchantingly engaged with the debonair singer, Marc Anthony. Although it is said to be that the man in her life wanted to keep it a dark secret for quite sometime fate and destiny have its own unique ways of revealing it in the most special ways. After having the most controversial relationships and split ups, Marc Anthony is finally getting married to de Lima in the elegant and splendiferous Dominican Republic. Prior to the rumored romantic relationship Marc Anthony and Shannon had started dating in January of 2012 after he and J-Lo had called it quits.

Sultry model Shannon de Lima is finally engaged with Marc Anthony.

Sultry model Shannon de Lima is finally engaged with Marc Anthony.

After two months, there were unconfirmed reports of a forthcoming engagement as preciously indicated with a huge diamond ring on her finger. Despite of this, no one tried divulge it until the right time comes. If Shannon and Marc are going to push through with their marriage this year, it will already be the third marriage of Marc Anthony throughout his entire lifetime. He was once married to a former beauty queen in the person of Dayanara Torres and singer, Jennifer Lopez. What was so intriguing about their relationship? They had split up and then found each other again to tie the knot very soon. Against all odds, they had defied even the strongest tides just to be together for a lifetime. Shannon as we all know has a seven year old son from a previous relationship. His name is Daniel.

Needless to brag about, celebrity marriages are not always made from heaven. But, God will surely find the most mysterious ways to lovingly bind those people who are passionately in love with one another just like in the case of Shannon de Lima and Marc Anthony that none of us can ever question. There could be no better way to expressively define true love than this ideal love story of those two hearts who have both come from two different worlds. For Marc Anthony, he can never easily let go of his lady love all because she is too perfect for him. On the other hand, de Lima is longing for a kind of love that will never end. Therefore, they can be currently dubbed as soul mates in one way or the other. Who would ever thought that love story will have another chapter which will end up with a grandiose altar date which can be imaginatively likened to a fairy tale? Time and again, Marc Anthony and Shannon have strongly proven that true love waits without reservations.

If there is one thing that can best described this love affair of De Lima and Marc Anthony, it can be flawlessly written as ETERNAL.

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