According to a report, talent manager Shirley Kuan announced that she dropped model and TV host Georgina Wilson as one of her talents. She made the decision after Samsung, one of the brands Georgina endorses, went straight to the model and TV host instead of her to close the deal. She said in a statement:

Please be informed that I just dropped Georgina Wilson from my management this morning. I will file a formal complaint against her and Samsung. Samsung is run by unprofessional executives. Their agent called my office for Georgina and we gave them the rate. Then Samsung went straight to Georgina and closed the deal. No wonder I did not hear back from their agent after we gave the rates. The nerve“!

Shirley Kuan

Georgina Wilson mum after manager, Shirley Kuan drops her as talent.

Shirley Kuan also asked other people to pass on her statement so more people could know about Samsung’s “rude” and “uneducated” move.

Meanwhile, Georgina Wilson chose to keep mum following reports that she was dropped from manager Shirley Kuan’s roster of talents. In an interview with reporters on Sunday, Wilson said she would rather not comment on the matter, saying, “I’ll have my lawyer comment on that”.

She only said that she and Kuan has already talked about what happened.

I did [talk to her] yes, yesterday“, she said.

Last Friday, Georgina Wilson was launched as one of the brand ambassadors of the Samsung Galaxy S6, Friday, April 17 at the SM Mega Fashion Hall.

Despite the news, Georgina faced the press to promote “Besties”, her book co-authored by actress/model Solenn Heussaff and released by ABS-CBN Publishing.


Georgina Wilson and Solenn Heussaff during the launch of their book “Besties” on Sunday.

According to her, the idea for “Besties” came about from the tweets they get from fans and haters alike.

Solenn told me, ‘You know, we get all of these comments and stuff, positive and negative and I think we should do something with it.’ We should have a voice and say something because there are a lot of things we’ve been through and maybe people can learn from it“, she said.

The model describes “Besties”—a self-help book for woman that tackles topics such as food, fashion and make up travel and finance—as like “sitting down and having coffee with us and just really picking our brains [about] anything and everything“.

The book has chapters on friendship and self-confidence. It even publishes some of the mean comments they have received via social media. A mean tweet about Georgina reads: “Lasinggera at baka smoker kaya tuyot, dugyot, losyang na tignan“.

Honestly, I don’t feel I acted on, you know, none of my actions are based on haters because I see it, I delete it and it’s all good“, she said.

But what this book really is is when we get comments saying, ‘I hate my life, I wish I had your life.’ And I’m thinking, ‘What? My life is so stressful right now, don’t wish that.’ We love our lives, but it’s more on giving a broader picture of what we had to go through, on what real life is. And if even anything, the book is really (made) so that will love her life more“, Georgina explained.

Besties” is available at National Book Store.


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