Since time immemorial, milk has been highly recommended by most doctors the world over. It is already an integral part of everyone’s healthy lifestyle, despite of the bitter fact that our finances are sometimes and dwindling because of our meager income. But did you know, that your glass of milk is in a hot seat nowadays because of those various research findings that it triggers the onset of some diseases that can even cost your precious life even without your awareness? Based on the recent article about it which was extensively written by Dr. Thomas Campbell, it had significantly found out that those who consume this previously known nutritious drink have more bone fractures as compared to those that who are not engaged in doing such an easy and healthy regimen to promote overall wellness through the years.

Glass of milk: No longer healthy for everyone?

Glass of milk: No longer healthy for everyone?

Likewise, Dr. Campbell has noted that its higher and daily consumption can eventually lead to prostate cancer, multiple sclerosis diabetes, ovarian cancer, constipation and acne among others. Worst of all, the main protein in milk which is known as casein has mysteriously become a cancer-promoting nutrient. On the other hand, some byproducts of milk like cheese and yogurt have been remarkably alluded to as mortality deterrents most specially among women. For instance, each serving of these dairy products have brought about almost 10-15 percent are decreased in terms of hip fracture incidences. In the same manner, the mortality rate in women have drastically lowered after these people have a daily intake of milk in utmost moderation. Meanwhile, the D-galactose in milk induces inflammation researchers say. In addition, cow’s milk has been closely associated with Type 1 diabetes due to the process of molecular mimicry. Also, this nutritious beverage for both the young and old alike have been linked to the emergence of ear infections and other food allergens.

Accordingly, health experts have further disclosed that this drink could bring about migraine attacks. Moreover, it can cause asthma if you are not too careful of consuming it on a daily basis. It is further noted that this all-time favorite drink causes back pains and other joint problems respectively. Dr. Campbell has also noted that this white colored dairy product can trigger cardiovascular problems. This is mainly due to its excessive protein content which takes into effect the calcification process that will cause the lining of your arteries to become thinner than its normal size. Composition wise, it is believed that this protein-rich drink is rich in unwanted contaminants such as bacteria, drugs, pesticides and viruses which make it more unfit for human consumption. With all these not so good new findings about milk, how are we going to deal about it?

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