Home beautification methods have always included our favorite indoor plants. These are one of the few home ornaments of ours, which does not only serve in making our homes to become splendid and cute at the same time. In fact, some of our plants which have been aptly classified as indoors can also be used as alternative medicines whenever we get sick. Take the oregano herb for example. It can be used in two versatile ways. Primarily, it can effectively cure your common respiratory ailment like cough and asthma. Just the same, oregano is also used as a deadly insect repellant. This was personally proven by me when a friend of mine, had planted an oregano herb near my room when I still residing in my uncle’s house.

An indoor plant like oregano, is an effective insect repellant.

An indoor plant like oregano, is an effective insect repellant.

Easy Steps in Maintaining Indoor Plants

To maintain their ecological aesthetic benefits, there are basically some few things that you must constantly remember so that these lovely indoor plants will not wither as years go by. These are as follows:

  1. An indoor plant must have an ideal light which has to be filtered aside from the morning sun. This will prevent the said indoor ornament from getting burned.
  2. Wipe your indoor plants with a soft and damp cloth. – This unusual method will unblock their their pores to make them breathe so easily.
  3. Rotate the pot of your indoor plant to be able to encourage the flourishing of its foliage. Do this every three months.

Indoor plants are just like us. They need our tender love and care. In reciprocity, they will bloom and flourish to beautifully exude an aura that you have never seen before.

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