Should We Stop Taking Our Vitamins?

| May 16, 2014 | 0 Comments

Our body has complex and immediate needs as we grow older. It needs adequate nutrition to become stronger and illness-free at the same time. Therefore, vitamins are deemed necessary by almost all medical doctors and nutritionists around the world. However, it is very much unfortunate to read and discover that these energy-boosting essentials have their own side effects in the long run. This was according to a book which is entitled, A Short Guide to Long Life. Based on the scientific facts which are being stated in this very controversial book, it was found out in several research studies that that these health supplements could possibly cause cancers due to their production of anti-oxidants which inherently block the body’s natural manner of controlling itself.

There is a new and mind boggling truth that vitamins can cause cancers.

There is a new and mind boggling truth that vitamins can cause cancers.

It’s really too confusing. Should we do away with our vitamins in our medicine cabinets? We should all be aware of the fact that anything that is being taken without any sense of moderation is really bad for our overall well-being. Therefore, those foodstuffs with natural vitamin contents should be eaten regularly in adequate amounts so that vitamin intakes will be enormously regulated.

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