Human perfection is a an attitude that many of us tries to achieve. It is mirror of a personality type that connotes prestige and recognition, by which we feel elated or blessed in some ways. But, sometimes no matter how we strive of being perfect it seems that everything is getting out of hand. Now, the next question is should we be really perfect? Well, the answer to this question of mine is a resounding YES. Yes, we should be. As much as possible, we must be as such in the loving eyes of God because of these major reasons: First, it is only one of the best ways that we can thank Him with all our hearts and souls. Secondly, perfection leads to a new horizon of opportunities that we should grab the moment it suddenly knocks our doors. Last but not the least, being exceptionally flawless in everything only means that we always want to make use of our God given talents in the unselfish service for humanitarian sake. For these reasons, there is nothing wrong if we are to be incredibly error-free in all our life’s accomplishments.

These books are perfectly written for increasing knowledge, why can't humans be like these?

These books are perfectly written for increasing knowledge, why can’t humans be like these?

To be perfect, is not a sin nor an impossible feat to attain. It is simply because, God had given us us such a magnificent world where everything perfectly serves the purpose of the other. This has to be in a sanctified kind of harmony with one another so as to preserve and perpetuate human survival. Therefore, the need for ultimate perfection has been there since time immemorial.

Logically speaking, God has allowed us in some ways to commit mistakes because He wants us to be error-free in terms of our own weaknesses and failures. Therefore, the famous saying that Nobody is perfect is somewhat a vague and irrational contention. Just the same, if we cannot be tremendously flawless physically and emotionally, we can conduct our-selves without hang ups spiritually. It is His Divine Will to transform all of us according to His image and likeness. However, we keep on committing those irrational mistakes because our own free will is at hand. Oftentimes, it severely impedes us to become without flaws. As a result, we always find the pleasure to use again the defense mechanism that nobody can be as such except God.

In the final analysis, we should all be perfect in transforming our-selves into a much better persona because in the last days of our lives, the UNTAINTED WILL of God will decide our fate and destiny toward our final destination, after our long and winding journey here on earth.

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