Showbiz politics has been frequently alluded to as a game of popularity. Yes, it is. However, celebrity candidates must always have in mind that being a public servant entails a lot of sacrifices. Along this line, would there ever be a chance for these famed artists to ever realize that the political arena involves a tedious work plan on how to make the lives of others even better than ever before.

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada is a former movie actor who joined showbiz politics in the late '60s.

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada is a former movie actor who joined showbiz politics in the late ’60s.

To be objective enough, there is nothing wrong with showbiz politics. After all, we are all duty bound to serve our people in al ardor, sincerity and honesty. But the next question which has to be answered is their utmost preparedness in handling the job once a certain celebrity is elected? Let us critically analyze this primal requisite of Philippine politics. When a celebrity politician enters the world of politics, he or she has to be prepared in a better and more comprehensive understanding of Philippine Laws. This to excellently facilitate with their future tasks and responsibilities of making other laws for the welfare of the so-called common good.

Morally, every candidate with any showbiz inclination has to be morally upright in order to beautifully restore the decaying moral fibers of a nation as a whole. In the long run, his or her character must be able to exemplify what a good leader should be. Next, any aspiring political contender from the glaring world of showbiz must know he real essence of a God- fearing public servant. Along this juncture, every candidate must learn and should undergo the process of spiritual renewal and enlightenment in order for him or her to have the power and strength to resist any kind of temptation. In so doing, the incidence of graft and corruption will be greatly minimized if not eradicated.

There is no easy way to become a politician from the showbiz industry because there are millions of eyes who are preying on them. To be safe enough, always have in mind that no one is above the law, Indeed, showbiz politics not an uphill climb.

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