Summer adventures on the beach are never complete without having your-selves immersed in a deep blue sea alongside with the radiance of the ever-glowing sun. But as we all know,sunburns do manifest after those long exposures. These painful skin patches are most of the time resolved by those chemically-manufactured creams which have side effects in the long run. Therefore, there are some alternative treatment for sunburns that you must be aware of to avoid those expensive and unreasonable expenses on over the counter remedies for such a disturbing skin problem.

Using some potatoes is one of the most practical ways to heal a sunburn.

Using some potatoes is one of the most practical ways to heal a sunburn.

According to experts, potatoes are one of the best solutions for these types of skin discomforts. To use, all you need to do is to rub them directly on the afflicted parts. But you have to be sure that these nutritious food trip are fresh. Similarly, if these are fresh burns from the scorching heat of the sun blend some potato chunks until it will have thick textures. Afterwards, soak some paper towels in it and apply on the skin which has been sunburned.

The miracle wonders of aloe vera can help speed up the healing process for this temporary skin problem. Just get the extract itself and apply to the afflicted part. Do this at least 2x day until your burns from the sun are completely gone. Also, make use of a distilled vinegar to ease a sunburn. Apply it on the body parts that are severely affected by using a cotton ball. A mixture of oatmeal can minimize your itch caused by the extreme exposure to the sun. Simply, this energy giving food has anti-inflammatory properties. To use, pour some ground up oats in a warm bath. Soak your body 20 minutes.

These simple and yet convenient remedies for sunburns are time-tested, effective and dermatologically-safe.

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