The trending but unfortunate news that Robin Williams has passed away, has literally opened our eyes to something we constantly take for granted. This is what psychologists call as depression or extreme feelings of sadness. Depression is an unwelcomed psychological state in humans that is being triggered by lots of factors such as the loss of a loved one, inability to accept life’s realities, financial distress or difficulties, emotional inadequacies and the likes. These unforgiving and yet inevitable scenarios will have their strongest domino effects on a person’s self- esteem and psychological adjustments in the long run.

Extreme feelings of depression can be avoided if you know what causes it.

Extreme feelings of depression can be avoided if you know what causes it.

In the case of Robin Williams, experts have significantly found out that he had extremely long bouts with depression for years. Going back, many people are very much susceptible to this kind of psychological dilemma. Here are some of the best ways to fight it in the most effective ways. First and foremost, when your frustration tolerance is extremely low be sure that you always have the guts to talk about it. Do this healthy step with a trusted friend. Never hesitate to talk about what bothers you without reservations. This will make you feel good, most specially if your friend or loved empathizes with you. Also, combat loneliness with a good routine of exercise. In effect, this will release some happy hormones. In addition, eat healthy food. These health regimens will ensure that your body’s physiological processes are in harmony with one another to keep you up and about.

Most importantly, develop and nourish your spirituality. Talk it out with God. He will surely make a way for you. Jot down what makes you depress, to make you feel better. You must not let go of your faith. Make it stronger. Surely, you will never go wrong. Lastly, laugh and count your blessings. Never think that you are a loser. Simply because,you are unique above anyone else.

In essence, depression is a negative facet about life. It will make you less productive and uneasy. So, throw it away and be happy forever.

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